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Matt Pascale

Lødag 20 mai kl. 21 på Kafe K.

MATT PASCALE is an Italian singer guitarist songwriter who loves to play electric, acoustic & slide guitar. His sound grew from the Hard Rock of his early teens into a more robust and sincere love affair with American Rootsy Music, including Southern Rock, swampy Blues & Funky-Neo Soul. His vocal and guitar style might resemble one of the “chitlin circuit” legendary musicians who display their husky voice and finger plucking chops every night of the week, but because of his geographical & big city up-bringing, young age wide interest & a truly “down & dirty” approach to his craO, he definitely sounds like no one else than himself ! In spite of his young age, and a two years forced “covid confinement”, since March 2019 , Matt managed to play more than 400 live shows ! He’s about to start his spring Italian/Swiss/Norwigian Tour and he’s currently working on his first record release alongside producer/bassist Fabrizio “Fab” Grossi (Steve Vai, Billy F Gibbons , Supersonic Blues Machine, Eric Gales CC: 250/300

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